Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lord of the Rings manicure

So I'm really not that great at nail art, and when I found out that this AMAZING "One Ring" manicure I had seen wasn't freehanded, but was made into a decal...I was a bit disillusioned.  I love the idea of doing freehand work now, as opposed to being a 14-year-old water decal addict.  I couldn't freehand to save my butt back then, but decals gave me the opportunity to have some sweet nail art without the mess and frustration of freehand art.  I think I'm coming along well in my freehand work, and so I decided to challenge myself with a "One Ring" manicure, done completely by freehand.  I did...but I'm TERRIBLE with my left hand, so I did an Eye of Sauron mani on my right hand instead.  I was blown away...not trying to brag at all, but I really surprised myself with this.  I will shush now and show off my accomplishment.  I can truthfully say that yes, this was ALL done freehand.

I am SO excited about this!  I am going to be participating in an upcoming nail art challenge, so these will not be on for too long, next Saturday they will be replaced.  I think this is the first time I have wanted to wear a manicure for months, because this would be AWESOME to wear to The Hobbit!

Everyone have a wonderful night and, for my East Coast peeps, stay safe out there!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Phantom of the Opera

I finally did it.  Three hours and three attempts at the mask later, I have my long-awaited Phantom of the Opera manicure.  Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel sorry for the Phantom.  He just wants to be loved, and instead is rejected.  The book had me in tears and yelling at Christine.  I love the musical and the book, so much so that I have a Phantom of the Opera tattoo.  The ring finger on my left hand represents Christine, it's patterned after the dress Emmy Rossum wore in the movie.  Of course there have to be music notes and a piano.  My left thumb represents the Phantom who, though living in a world shrouded in darkness, only wants love, hence the red glitter.  My right thumb is for the song Point of No Return, there is the mask the Phantom wore, the rose in Christine's hair, and the flames from the number.  My right middle finger represents the Music of the Night.  I miss my piano and the sheet music I had for Phantom; I spent many hours playing every song and singing along.  My dream is to one day see this fantastic production on Broadway!  Without further ado, here is the Phantom of the Manicure!  *Note:  The top photo was taken before I put top coat on the mask art*

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Breast cancer awareness

This is dedicated to all the survivors of this terrible disease.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pinkie Pie Mani

I really need to keep up with this blog.  I started it, then got into my nail tech classes very heavily, and forgot allll about sharing my fun via this blog.
I've been into nail art and makeup since 1994, when I was 14 (crap, I'm showing my age!).  Back then it was rhinestones, water decals, and anything else I could get my grabby hands on.  Last year I started to really get back into doing nail art and decided to do as much freehand work as I can.  Since then, I have gone gung-ho in doing my nail art.  As I upload photos from my phone and my camera, I will share what I started with and where I am now.

This manicure was done this past July.  I used Rainbow Honey Cosmetics' "Pinkie Promise", a polish with a sheer pink base, wonderful golden shimmer and is packed with gold, pink, and blue bar and hex glitters; Sally Hansen "Twisted Pink", a very pretty almost-hot-pink with a subtle gold-ish shimmer, and Lush Lacquers' "Birthday Cake", a milky-white polish jam-packed with medium holographic hex glitter, as well as purple, pink, orange, and blue small hex glitters and blue bar glitters.  The accent nail is a random nameless pink, and I used China Glaze "Celtic Sun" for the yellow, and a cotton-candy scented polish from Claire's for the blue.  Hope you enjoy this sweet-as-pie nail creation!